Thursday, December 27, 2012

1st Competition

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas! And looking forward to a New Year, on New Years! Well I think its time for our first competition!

Now I know I said for the competitions you had to sign-up on my main blog page. But I thought it would be better to make a competition blog. And just have links both together. So let's announce the competition!

The first ever "NaOVGiR Competition" is going to be: "Counter-Strike: Source"!

You have to be a Steam user to be in this competition. Now I'm going to explain a few things:  
  1) The Rules
  2) Places
  3) Prizes

  4) Sign-up
Rules (Stay the same or little changes, and will say it every competition announced):
1) No Trash Talking!

2) If you do Trash Talk, then it is automatic kick out of the Tournament/Competition!

3) What ever game is picked, IT IS FINAL!
4) You have to commit 100%, when you sign-up you are in.
5) When the times are set, its Set In Stone. But if both of the competitors cannot make the time set. Then TALK TO ME. Now if one of the competitors is in and the other one is not on time, then its automatic win for the person who made it on time. And I will give 5-10 min wait after the time set.

6) 1st, 2nd, 3rd places are also Set In Stone. But I will be looking at footage on every match . And I will figure out if someone is cheating. But if I don't notice and when the person is playing, and notices it. Contact me or let me know IMMEDIATELY! But if you are calling alot (more then 4 times) of cheaters, but isn't then its a kick, for the "person who cries cheaters".

7) And there will be a Consolation (3rd and 4th place) Final match. You have to loose (not being mean) in the semis to be in the Consolation Match.

Places (will change):
1) 1st Place:
    1) Will get a Steam game, my choice
         (haven't decided yet).

    2) Get to be friends with me on Steam.
    3) Big recognition: 
         1) Having a Video of the whole Final
         Match posted. 

         2) Highlights of the Tournament: 
              Videos and Pictures. 

2) 2nd Place:
     1) Recognition:
          1) Having a Video of the whole 
          2) Highlights of the Tournament: 
               Videos and Pictures

3) 3rd Place:
     1) Recognition:
          1) Having a Video of the whole
              Consolation Match
          2) Highlights of the Tournament: 
               Videos and Pictures

4) And 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will have there 
     own post to show all there 

5) Postings of the places: 
    1) The 1st place winner will be posted on the Competition page, Main Blog, FB and Twitter page, and on YouTube.
    2) 2nd and 3rd place will be posted on the Competition page, Main Blog, and YouTube (sorry 1st get more recognition)

Prizes (Some might change and some might not):

1) Now 1st place will be the person to get a prizes. But sometimes you might and sometimes you might not. It all depends on my budget.

2) For what ever system we are playing on PC or 360 that will be the system of where the prize is.

3) Now for Steam, sometimes I will announce the prizes or I won't. Sometimes I like to keep surprises. If the winner does not like the prize they won. You can decline it. And if the winner can find a game at the same price, as the game I give to the winner. Then that is ok. But it has to be the very close (no more then $5 off) to the same price.

Sign-up (Only change if its Steam Name or Xbox Live Gamer Tag):

1) You have to put you Steam Name, your First and Last initial, and Skype (Its free and I'll explain why). In the comment box so I know you are in.
    Example: Steam: GamerMan09, Name: 
    Tom P, and Skype: GM09. (not real 
    Steam name).

2) Will set a sign-up date. When it starts and ends. If I see you signed-up after the deadline. YOUR NOT IN!

3) Will be picking randomly of the players. I will record it (most of the time). How it will be done is, I'll put the names on pieces of paper. Then randomly shuffle them in a hat. And I'll pick. 

4) Tournament Bracket will be posted here and the Main Blog. It will show the dates and times. So make sure you watch it, cause it MIGHT CHANGE! So every day keep an eye on it. 

5) Now the reason why Skype. Its because I would like to talk before and after the match. And of course talking during the match. Skype is easier and better then Steam talk. If you don't have a mic. You can get a cheap one. But you can still go out with one, but you still have to be on Skype, before we start the match. You just can use the IM to talk.

Now all these things listed are all the things happening and you have to follow. If you want to be in this tournament, but don't have Counter Strike: Source. You can get it on Steam (on the Today deal) $4.99.

Hope this can happen. Halo 2 part 2 is coming soon!